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Our Team


Teacher Marta

Teacher and Assistant Director

Marta speaks Spanish and English and enjoys longs walks and traveling with her daughter Beatriz.


Teacher Salesheha


Salesheha speaks Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and English. She enjoys visiting museums and exploring ancient civilizations.

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Teacher Bernadette


Bernadette speaks English. She is kind and loving and enjoys spending time with her family.

Teacher Dana


Dana speaks English. She enjoys traveling, reading and exploring new recipes with her family.


Teacher Linnett


Linnett speaks Spanish and English and enjoys visiting new restaurants and trying new food. 


Teacher Nilda


Nilda speaks Spanish and English. She is a music enthusiast and enjoys spending time with her daughters Kaylie Sue and Valerie. 

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Teacher Sarah


Sarah speaks English. She enjoys yoga and reading about child psychology. 

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Teacher Izzy


Izzy speaks English and Italian. She loves traveling and has lived abroad! Izzy is kind and observant.

Careers - Arch Street Preschool

Career Opportunities

  • Preschool Teacher

  • PreschoolTeacher Assistant

*Part time and full time opportunities **Competitive salaries

Apply by emailing your resume to -- we look forward to meeting you!

Arch Street Preschool is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, limited English proficiency, national origin, handicap, age, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

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Career Opportunities at Arch Street Preschool

Board of Directors

The Arch Street Preschool Board is comprised of community members who are parents, educators, and professionals. Their role is to oversee Arch Street Preschool as a non-profit organization operating according to its mission. 

Angela Haynes

Dr. Lawyer Chapman

Dr. Sheri-Ann Cowie

Gabriela Peterson

Judith Brackett

Melissa Lewis

Mimi Blackwell


Yardly Jenkins

Parent Representatives:

Fiona Devotta

Talissa Ford

Mariah Gallagher

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